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studio exhibition
masha jaklitsch
under the sea - meta 1
1.3. - 25.3.2023




graz; geidorf margaretenbadviertel

Times and dates/Öffnungszeiten:

Prosecco & Sodastream Sa, 11.3.2023 17h - 21h
Sa, 18.3.2023 19h
Fr, 24.3.2023 19h
Wochentags: Fr, 17.3.2023 17h - 20h
Mi, 22.3.2023 15h16h - 20h
Do, 23.3.2023 15h - 20h
Sonntags: So, 19.3.2023 15h - 20h19h
Finissage: So, 26.3.2023VERSCHOBEN 18h

Keine Anmeldung notwendig.
If you would like to tell me that you plan to be here:
kontakt(at) or mashajaklitsch on instagram.

Masha Jaklitsch, Atelier
Wastlergasse 5
8010 Graz



Text, Poetry

Under The Sea X Searching For Bluebeard. A fairy tale/Ein Märchen. 2019, 2021-22

Under The Sea X Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma. Jeu de cachecache/Hide and seek/Ein Versteckspiel. 2022-23


Under The Sea X Searching For Bluebeard - Prelude. Dance/Tanz; text-within-the-text/play-within-the-play with the same title as the fairy tale. 2023

Ein Gesellschaftsmodell - Demographie : Dynamik : Biografie : Komplexität. A biographical note of Bluebeard's future wife in an abstract model of society including demographics, discrimatory dynamics and consequently complexity. OrdreModèle social. 2022. Basis of the choreography Under The Sea X Searching For Bluebeard - Prelude. 2023


Minimalist life. DAS MÖBEL 1; A desk and a kitchenette / Een schrijftafel en een minimalistische keuken / Schreibtisch und minimalitstische Küche. Möbelstück/Piece of furniture/Meubel mit den Maßen ,125 x 120 x 190 mm, für einen Van oder einen Container.Van, Container, SubSubstandardwohnung. 2021

Som Sistema. Soundsystem. Installation. 2022


Dans Le Port D'Amsterdam. Acrylic on paper. 2022

Wir trafen uns in einem Garten. Acrylic on paper. 2022

Skateboarding 01. Acrylic on paper. 2022

Skateboarding 02. Tape on paper. 2022


Der-Wald.mp3. Synthesizer. 4:58 min. 2022

Kiss-jealousy-envy.mp3. Synthesizer. 16:00 min. 2022

Für-Elfriede.mp3. Synthesizer. 27:49 min. 2022

Kommen-1.mp3. Synthesizer. 15:04 min. 2023

Som-sistema-01.mp3. Synthesizer. 24:46 min. 2023

Virtual exhibition space

Under The Sea - Meta 1. Html version of the exhibition/Html-version der Ausstellung. 2022


Under The Sea is a text that I started in 2006 living in Berlin. Actually it was on holidays in Graz, I spent in the Margaretenbad basically, where I have written the first pages. I then continued irregularly for years and years, also in Paris where I attended Ecole Jacques Lecoq, and in 2021, all beginning in 2019, decided to do the fairy tale Under The Sea x Searching For Bluebeard. I worked on this going with the flow within the context of my studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where I used to sit in the playground trying to see how one could render this increasingly existential dystopia we live through more utopic. Under The Sea x Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma is its continuation in Vienna and Graz and my studio exhibition with the title Under The Sea - Meta 1 the context of these two texts.

under the sea X searching for bluebeard:

All of the text is grounded in Carl Gustav Jung's theory of the collective subconscience and the archetypes. This fairytale adaption of the Bluebeard material is, therefore, based on the understanding that in a world of systemic and systematic discrimination - such as sexism, homophobia, anti-semitism, anti-islamism, racism, xenophobia - against people from various demographic backgrounds Bluebeard is not one person who can be singled out. Rather Bluebeard becomes everyone and noone. Bluebeard is (in) the corrupt system, which is increasingly extreme, that in its capitalistic flexibility uses and instrumentalises each and everybody when needed to uphold the hierarchies that are to be described as problematic in more than one sense (environmental desctruction, climate change, war, economies). The story of Under The Sea x Searching For Bluebeard starts when it becomes clear that some of the remedies to keep the system (city running break down. Bluebeard has undermined the social and the decay has become too severe to be ignored. To counter this society itself has to become active and see how to be human, the human rights and dignity can be defended. It is up to the people in this dytopic city to add utopia to the bigger picture. It is done going with the flow and through communication. Parts of the city are turning and twisting in difficult to understand dynamics. All important people with an ability to meaningfully interpret the complexity of the situation decide to work together to make for a change. Between the coffeeshop (café) and the opéra, there is synthesis and poetry, intellectual discourse that aims at a metamorphosis to heal those parts of all society that were broken. At the end of the text there is a group of 'personnages' with quite a bit of agency threatened to be marginalised. At the end Bluebeard, at least in the text in the text/play in the play "Searching For Bluebeard"- a gesamtkunstwerk at the opéra in the city - has to flees...

under the sea X metamorphosis; die vase meiner oma

... And so have the 'personnages'. The Barista, who owns the coffeeshop, has to close it, due to corruption. Orlando and Ziggy take the train to meet Il Maestro and the Set Designer 1 in another city. There they live in a shared apartment in the beginning and the Barista, Piercing and the Neighbour join. The opéra grants Il Maestro a space (a let down factory outside of the city) as an unofficial rehearsal space to continue the work on "Searching For Bluebeard". Together with Maître de Danse, Ziggy and She/Elle the idea is discussed to add a part to the choreography healing. Where the second version is to be presented is unclear yet. Due to the dire economic situation in this dystopic nature mortes world the idea of a pop-up soup kitchen comes about and each of the 'personnages' helps in this Barista's project. Going back and forth from the city to the let down factory becomes difficult. There are controls so that container living is developed on site; Container Paradis. She/Elle is there and He too as well as some dancers who could not be disencouraged by the recent rehearsal space.

A nouveau cirque with its tent and caravan, two horses and a dog arrive and it is agreed on to share the space. People from the city start to visit this official rehearsal space of the opéra that has become a self-organised artist community constructing minimal living. Then the site is threatened to be ? while Il Maestro is offered a project in the museum and the Barista starts negotiations for a new cafe. Orlando is on a residency in Portugal and *all, including Ziggy are with the Barista's catering for pool parties for some income and art projects. The personnages are back in the city and in the house they lived in before and the Barista's cafe opens.

Under The Sea x Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma asks questions like: How to make the best of a dire situation going with the flow? How to get back to where you belong or find/make new places where you do? How can one heal? How can society? The Metamorphosis is an inbetween space. The text moves through different phases and spaces. At the end, that of this part of the text, the situation is better than it was before. The metamorphosis, though, continues.

-In this text there is a * which in linguistics is a sign to mark ambiguity in semantics-

© 2006-2023 Masha Jaklitsch (Pauline Jaklitsch)



From March 1st until 25th 2023, I am happy to announce, I am to present parts of my work in my studio exhibition under the sea - meta 1. Welcome to this blog which documents all of the work in progress that takes place in the course of the exhibition. More details soon.

February 27th 2023
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Hello everyone! Today, the first day of my studio exhibition Under The Sea - Meta 1. I added the summary of both texts, Under The Sea x Searching For Bluebeard and Under The Sea x Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma on this blog. The exhibition unfolds in the flow of time *virtually and in the actual space in my studio (1.3. - 25.3. 2023). There are several possibilities to visit the exhibition with a balcony view on a typical Grazer Innenhof / Graz courtyard. Some work in progress is planned and to be posted here. The art work consist of installation, painting, choreography, a sound systemsom sistema and text. The title implies a meta aspect and I will talk about this soon.

I hope you enjoy my exhibition. Stay tuned to this blog!!!!!!!!! !

-In this text there is a * which in linguistics is a sign to mark ambiguity in semantics-

March 1st 2023
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Hallo! Der dritte Tag der Ausstellung. Ich beginne in Deutsch, um darauf hinzuweisen, dass ich an einer Übersetzung der Zusammenfassung der beiden Texte der Ausstellung (Under The Sea x Searching For Bluebeard und Under The Sea x Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma) arbeite. To read the English summary of the Under The Sea texts of the exhibition, please scroll down. The following photograph is chapter 2 of Metamorphosis, Die Vase Meiner Oma with the title: "THE SEALEVELS RISE". I read through the texts when having typed them in. Then I print them and there are five typos. So I decided to correct the texts when I put them on the wall and then post the typo-free text on the UNDER THE SEA - blog.

The topic is the mindset we become aware of when thinking about some of the tendencies of how we approach life daily. A mindset so unconstructive that we can not even claim pretend tell ourselves to be aiming for equality at least.

So here the jpg.

Printed text on the Chapters-wall.

The text version.

Under The Sea X Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma
Masha Jaklitsch

Chapter 2

The Things Beings on watch in towers.
If you could turn around and run back in time, sprinting towards your true life, what would you do differently?
So you life in the now?
I live in the future.
What is the future like?
It is where and when I have everything I wanted.
What do you want?
Everything I want!
That is circular reasoning.
Are you insulting me?
I was just saying that it does not mean anything.
It will mean something.
Because you have it?
Because I have what I did not have before.
Then you have more than before.
No then I have everything I wanted.
Are you insulting me?
What do you really want?
Everything you would want.
And what is that?
Well what do you want?
A good life.
I can give it to you.
Are you trying to sell me a car?
What kind of car do you like?
Is that what you want?
Only so that I can get what I really want.
No, everything I wanted.
But if you could turn back time and make a decision to get what you wanted...
What do you mean? Oh you do not mean past tense.
Like if you could get what you wanted what would that be? Like a question. Like conditional. A propos, unconditional love.
That's what I want.
If that were what you wanted what would you do differently to get that?
I'd not have to do anything differently since I would be loved unconditionally.
No, you mean without conditions.
Yes, un-conditionally.
No, what you say is no conditions.
Terms and conditions, I agree.
I win. You loose.
You give me everything I wanted.
I would prefer not to.
Oh, fuck off!
You should try anger management.
You should try asshole management.
I follow.
Excuse me?
Hygiene like epilepsy.
You mean waxing.
Are you hitting on me?
I feel lost in this conversation and I don't know what to do.
If you could turn back in time what would you do differently?
I might want to reformulate the question.
C'mon, do it.
Why are you here, like on the planet?
To get everything I wanted.
That is a dull wordplay sort of now.
To strivetry to get everything I want.
Do you think that is possible?
I don't know and that's why I'm here.
And you mean that?
You are on the planet to see if you can get everything you wanted?
Everything you would want, yes.
A good life?
No, who wants a good life?
People who've got a bad life and no chances to live decently!?
To live well!
Like food and shelter and a job?
You make me angry!
Housing would be the more appropriate term, don't you think?
I don't think so.
Somebody who wants a good life first has got to be sheltered to then build a normal life to then get what you would want to then wanting to get everything you wanted.
This is about the question what do you really need.
That is a stupid question because it depends on what your situation is.
Do you need to have everything you wanted?
Because why else would I be here?
This is cynical.
Ok, I'm cynical.
You could want everyone to live a normal life.
Why would you want that?
No, why does everyone have to live a normal life?
There are people who don't have anything!
Why would I care?
I don't care.
You should.
Because you have everything people, according to your description, can't even begin to think about having.
People can think about it.
This conversation is over.
Why would I talk to anyone like you?
For a different perspective?
Okay, what about me giving you a different perspective?
I'm always interested in different perspectives.
There are some perspectives you will not in you life encounter.
And so will you!

The sea levels are rising.

© 2006-2023 Masha Jaklitsch (Pauline Jaklitsch)

So I made this text a bit more readable for this blog version. The printed version is an uninterrupted flow of text.

This is today's post of my exhibition Under The Sea - Meta 1

March 3rd 2023
Let there be typos.

Hello! Fifth day of the exhibition! You can now see an affiche sticked to the wall of the house my atelier is in. Send me an email if you would like to visit the exhibition Under The Sea - Meta 1 *or message me on instagram.

The studio exhibition Under The Sea - Meta 1 is in Wastlergasse 5, 8010 Graz (3rd floor).

-In this text there is a * which in linguistics is a sign to mark ambiguity in meaning-

March 5th 2023
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Happy International Women's Day!

March 8th 2023
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Hello! Thank you for your emails about seeing Under The Sea - Meta 1. Today I also posted times and dates when visiting the exhibition is possible. I am going a bit with the flow and I do hope to see you soon.

Prosecco & Sodastream Sa, 11.3.2023 17h - 21h
Sa, 18.3.2023 19h
Fr, 24.3.2023 19h
Wochentags: Fr, 17.3.2023 17h - 20h
Mi, 22.3.2023 15h - 20h
Do, 23.3.2023 15h - 20h
Sonntags: So, 19.3.2023 15h - 20h19h
Finissage: So, 26.3.2023 18h

u.A.w.g. /R.S.V.P.

March 9th 2023
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Hello Everyone!
Today, 15 days into the exhibition Under The Sea - Meta 1, I post the depiction of the archetypes in the text. Under The Sea is based on the theories of Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung such as the collective subconscious, the archetypes and anima and animus. I hope that I can also post one chapter so that the concept of how this works in the text starts to be clearer.

I would also like to make all aware that the next possibility to see the exhibition is Fr, 17-03-2023 (17h - 20h) and Sat, 18-03-2023 (19h). Send me, on instagram, a message (mashajaklitsch) or mail me kontakt(at)

Left: This is one presentation of almost all the archetypes/personnages/characters of Under The Sea, Right: This wall will be filled with texts/chapters of the two parts of Under The Sea, namely Searching For Bluebeard and Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma.

March 15th 2023
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Today I am in Vienna and post the part of the exhibition that you can see online; the Under The Sea - Meta 1 html or virtual exhibition space. I do this because there are, of course, people who are not based in Graz. From Vienna it is 2 1/2 hours by train and a 10 minutes bus ride to my studio. For all those who cannot drop by in person, this is the link to the "html-exposition". Click here

March 16th 2023
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Posting on instagram (follow me, it's mashajaklitsch, I would be pleased) I said I was going to do some stuff when having finished my cup of coffee in my studio that the exhibition is in that I could work in for the past year. These two walls tell you more about the text Under The Sea X Searching For Bluebeard and Under The Sea X Metamorphosis, Die Vase Meiner Oma. On the left-hand-side you can find a depiction of the archetypes/personnages/characters of the text (poetry); on the right-hand-side I work on a selection of chapters. One chapter, THE SEA LEVELS ARE RISING, I posted also as a text on March 3rd (Scroll up to read!). Two more chapters, IN THE WEBSHOP and AT THE OPÉRA, are up (the wall) but not online yet. I will work on a html-file and make links here so that soon there is no need anymore to scroll back and forth. Here you can see the picture of the two walls.

The Archetypes-wall and the Chapters-wall.

If you drop by today (Prosecco & Sodastream), 7pm, Wastlergasse 5, 8010 Graz, 3rd floor, go with the flow, nice view grazer innenhof, you can read the text in the actual exhibition space. No reservation needed/Keine Anmeldung notwendig.

March 18th 2023
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This is the Archetypes-wall at this point in time. Thank you, Dan, for moving some of the personnages (WE, SOMEONE, SOMEBODY) and adding an archetype; THE MUSE!

March 18th 2023
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This group of personnages is highly important in Under The Sea x Metamorphosis; Die Vase Meiner Oma. Spending the weekend.

March 19th 2023
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Today visitors can drop by from 3pm - 8pm.

Here three of six sound pieces for the exhibition (Under The Sea - Meta 1).

Kiss, jealousy and envy . mp3
FÜr Elfriede . mp3
Kommen 1 . mp3

March 23rd 2023
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March 23rd 2023
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Hello! This is from today: Changing the THING BEINGS for WE. Good thinking?!

When are we humans? When are we merely consumers?

Today was actually meant to be one of the very last days of UNDER THE SEA - META 1 but due to some discussions with people visiting and people not having yet visited the exhibition will be prolonged all through April 30th 2023. I hope that if you have already seen the exhibition - and/or the work online (meaning on this blog) - you enjoyed it and maybe got some inspiration from it. You can send me comments on the instagram if you like (mashajaklitsch) or via email - kontakt(at) If you would like to visit, please frequent this blog and see for the opening days. Enjoy your weekend, which I will spend in Vienna to be back coming week to continue like this or like that.

Masha Jaklitsch
(Pauline Jaklitsch)

P.s.: For those who did not directly communicate with me and wanted to be at the finissage on March 26th 2023, I will soon post the new time and date.

March 24th 2023
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Masha Jaklitsch

dancer/choreographer, poet, visual artist, linguist


Masha Jaklitsch, also Pauline Jaklitsch, is an austrian artist and feminist from graz, who is based in vienna too. She does yoga since 2005. Having studied visual arts at the rietveld academie and physical theatre at the école lecoq in paris and estudis berty tovias in barcelona, Masha/Pauline/Lilli/Ulli sorry mum and dad FYI: THE ONLY ONES I FEEL INCLINDED TO APOLOGISE TO FOR CHANGING MY NAME LEGALLY has got a university background in linguistics and languages in graz (BA), vienna and amsterdam (unfinished MA). Since 2022 Masha is with artist-led-space in graz in the margaretenbadviertel.


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© 2023 Masha Jaklitsch (Pauline Jaklitsch)